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Lymphatism (tendency to hypertrophy of the lymphatic organs; tendency to formation of edemas and susceptibility to infection); glandular swelling; tonsillar hypertrophy; chronic tonsillitis.

Available Format and DIN

10 x 1.1 ml drinkable ampoules


1 ampoule (1.1 ml) contains: medicinal ingredients: Myosotis arvensis D3 0.55 mg, Scrophularia nodosa D3 0.55 mg, Teucrium scorodonia D3 0.55 mg, Veronica officinalis D3 0.55 mg, Geranium robertianum D4 1.1 mg, Nasturtium officinale D4 1.1 mg, Equisetum hyemale D4 0.55 mg, Fumaria officinalis D4 0.55 mg, Natrium sulfuricum D4 0.55 mg, Pinus sylvestris D4 0.55 mg, Gentiana lutea D5 0.55 mg, Aranea diadema D6 0.55 mg, Sarsaparilla D6 0.55 mg, Ferrum iodatum D12 1.1 mg, Calcium phosphoricum D12 0.55 mg, Levothyroxinum D12  0.55 mg. Non-medicinal ingredients: purified water, sodium chloride.

Recommended general dosage

Drinkable ampoules: adults, 12 years and older, in general, 1 ampoule (1.1 ml) once daily.  In acute cases, 1 ampoule (1.1 ml) up to 3 times daily. Children (6 to 12 years), in general, ⅔ ampoule (0.7 ml) once daily.  In acute cases, ⅔ ampoule (0.7 ml) up to 3 times daily.  Young children (2 to 6 years), in general, ½ ampoule (0.5 ml) once daily.  In acute cases, ½ ampoule (0.5 ml) up to 3 times daily.  Otherwise, use as directed by a homeopathic practitioner or physician.  Pour in a small quantity of water, sip slowly and keep in mouth before swallowing.

Package insert

For more information on the product use, as well as known contraindications, side effects, interactions, cautions and warnings, please consult the package insert.

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