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Dedicated to scientific research

Homeopathy is often portrayed as being an area of medicine in which unproven convictions take the place of proven facts. But there are already many studies that prove homeopathy’s efficacy, and we make an especially large contribution to homeopathy’s scientific validation.  

By building the bridge between homeopathy and conventional medicine, we are committed to an evidence-based approach. We are convinced that homeopathy has an important and future-orientated role to play in medicine and are continually gathering further scientific evidence to ensure homeopathy gets further recognition.

  • Research into efficacy, safety and mode of action 

  • Co-operation with universities and research institutes 

  • Evidence mosaic:
    Added value by combining different state-of-the art research methods

What makes us a global player in the field of science-based homeopathy?

Firstly, our significant investment into a broad international program of basic and clinical research. We not only initiate and execute our own research activities, we also co-operate closely with universities and research institutes worldwide.

Being at the forefront of research is just one aspect of this leadership. We think it is important to put individual research results into a larger framework. Different types of research yield different aspects of evidence, and by placing research activities in a broader framework the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. In this way the evidence from basic research, observational studies, clinical trials, and reviews combines into what we call an ‘Evidence Mosaic’.

Co-operation with established academic centers

We co-operate with established academic centers on research projects. 

We also encourage an ongoing dialogue on homeopathy by holding regular round table discussions with experts in the field, and we annually award the Hans-Heinrich-Reckeweg Award to promote further research in homeopathy.

Another aspect of the collaboration with our research partners is our commitment to fostering education and dialogue. We co-operate with universities around the world in establishing advanced collegiate courses in Biological Medicine, Homeopathy and Homotoxicology.